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Jan 31, 2010 10:00am EST
in united states congress and this opportunity to do some other things in my life. >> çyou want in 1980, a great year for republicans. -- you won in 1980. the climate was clearly different. i am looking to get your opinion on what it is so tough for democrats. guest: your like a political meteorologist. ççóyou will be asking if the republicans will survive for a year ago. 12 months from now, who knows? it is hard to predict the political climate six months, letejjátççççs3mçi] can om now. ?;çoç[koy3o believe that things are born to be tough this fall, or tough in november like they are in january. host: a dead panel formed by eight -- can a debt panel formed by executive order and work? guest: if we had a panel or commission that was a legislative -- and we fell short of getting 60 votes. but it fell short. the president will do it administratively. supported. ç>>ç t(çtheçó president haves on friday in terms of small business taxes and other things to incentivize business is it to carter. the thing that is where we are headed? -- to incentivitze business to hi
Jan 31, 2010 6:00pm EST
, i think i would have won again. for me, the question is 30 years in the united states congress and a chance to do some other things in my life. >> that is an interesting point. you won in 1980. the climate this year was different, and i am looking to get your opinion on why it is so tough right now. if this was -- >> if this was a year ago, we would be asking, do you think the republican party is going to survive? 12 months later, it is different. 10 months or 12 months from now, who knows? it is really tough to predict the political climate six months, let alone 10.12 months from now. i would not be so quick to say things they're going to be tough next fall, that there will be in november like they were in january. >> will a debt panel work effectively for budget issues? >> it would have been better if we had a panel commission that was legislative, but we fell short. you have to get 60 votes, but it fell short. with the president did is not as effective, but i support it and hope it bears fruit. >> do you think the president has a proposal in terms of small business taxes to
Jan 3, 2010 10:00am EST
for the airline that was coming to united states. those needs to be part of the package. >> what these scanners and p detectetn the level of which eight detected the level of -- detected the level of petn? >> i think it would. host: that issue is something that libertarians will be aiming for. >> there was a vote in congress to limit the use of body scanners earlier this year. that is the way everyone was looking then. now there
Jan 3, 2010 6:00pm EST
. yemen has a couple of different problems it's dealing with. the united states military is providing counter terror operations to go after al-qaeda figures there. and the u.s. is constantly focusing yemen to work on this problem. >> did you agree with that? >> yes. [laughter] >> we are hearing in the papers about this country being poorest and lawlessness of the country and lack of control. and 35% of unemployment rate s7 and a significant drop in oil revenues. >> yeah, it's a country -- it's interesting if you look at testimony from top officials early in year before congress, when discussions about what would be the domestic threat here and in addition to early briefings to congress about the overall intelligence picture, there was a lot of discussion about how countries like yemen and samoia that are ungovernable and may be, be the new front, and now it's shifting that way and happening. >> another fox news program from john brennan this morning. >> when we open this second front this, -- this is a continuation that we have underway. petraeus has been to yemen and wit government
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4